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How to Choose a Standard PoE Switch

With the development of the economy and the acceleration of urban construction, people's living standards are constantly improving, and their understanding of all aspects is also constantly improving. In this era of rapid development, all walks of life will have many shortcomings. For example, security issues in various regions of the world have followed one after another, and public security issues have extended to production, life, environment, technology, information, and other social fields.

The PoE switch supplies power to the standard PoE terminal equipment through the network cable, eliminating the need for additional power wiring. PoE technology can ensure the normal operation of the existing network while ensuring the safety of the existing structured cabling and minimize costs. When the PoE switch starts to work, the PoE switch outputs a very small voltage at the port until it detects that the connection of the cable terminal is a power receiving device PD that supports the IEEE802.3af standard (a new standard based on the PoE of the Power over Ethernet system). After that, the PoE switch may classify the PD device and evaluate the power loss required by the PD device. Then, the PoE switch starts to supply power to the PD device from a low voltage until it provides a 48V DC power supply.

PoE Switch

When choosing a PoE switch, try to choose a standard one, which has the following advantages:

1. The power supply terminal (PSE) and the power receiving terminal (PD) can dynamically sense and adjust the power supply voltage; effectively protect the power receiving terminal (usually IPC) from electric shock (other aspects include short circuit, surge protection, etc.); It can intelligently detect whether the terminal supports PoE switches, and will not supply power when accessing non-PoE switch terminals; non-standard PoE switches usually do not have the above security measures in order to save costs, so there are certain security risks.

2. No fake PoE switch

The fake PoE switch device only merges the DC power supply into the network cable through a PoE switch combiner, and cannot be powered by a standard PoE switch, otherwise,https://www.cxlj.com.cn the device will burn out. In engineering applications, it is not only necessary to choose standard PoE switches, but also standard PoE switch terminals.

Industrial-grade switch ports support output powers of 15.4W and 30W, complying with IEEE802.3af standards, and supply power to standard PoE terminal equipment through network cable power supply, eliminating the need for additional power wiring. After investigation, the research and development of PoE switches that conform to IEEE802.3aT and IEEE802.3af standards, the port output power can reach 25-30W. In layman's terms, PoE switches are switches that support network power supply, which can not only realize data transmission of ordinary switches The function can also supply power to the network terminal at the same time.

The above information is provided by the PoE switch supplier.