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The Important Position of Industrial Switches in the Industrial Field

Industrial-grade switches are also called industrial PoE switches, that is, Ethernet switch equipment used in the field of industrial control. Due to the network standards adopted, it has good openness, wide application, and low price, and uses transparent and unified TCP/IP Protocol, Ethernet has become the main communication standard in the industrial control field. There is a big difference between industrial-grade switches and commercial products, and industrial-grade switches have many practical functions, and the installation and power usage are more in line with the requirements of industrial sites. It is very necessary to use this type of product in industrial occasions.

Industrial-grade switch products have the following characteristics:

1. Redundant power input to prevent single power supply errors

2. Ring topology, providing redundant paths

3. Built-in high-quality and high-reliability parts to ensure a long mean time between failures

4. It can be applied to ultra-standard temperature conditions, such as -40℃~75℃

5. Rugged and durable shell and good temperature resistance

6. Comply with industrial specifications (CE\FCC\UL, etc.), and pass strict tests such as impact, drop, and shock

Industrial PoE Switch

The environment of the industrial site is worse than the ordinary environment, at least it is shaking. In terms of humidity and temperature, it is worse than the ordinary environment. In terms of design, the ordinary switch does not have the ability to withstand various situations in the industrial environment. The ordinary switch cannot work for a long time in such a bad environment, so it is often prone to failure, which makes the maintenance cost rise. It is generally not recommended to use commercial switches in an industrial environment. In order to enable the switch to be used in this harsh environment, it is necessary to produce a switch that can adapt to this environment. The reliability of the industrial-level switch is if there is a power failure, The port is interrupted, the alarm can be output by the relay, the redundant dual DC power input, the active circuit protection, the overvoltage, and undervoltage automatic circuit breaker protection.

Only two pairs of network cables are needed between the industrial switch and the camera to simultaneously transmit the camera network signal, audio signal, control signal, alarm signal, and supply power to the camera at the same time. It is no longer necessary to pull the power cord and install the transformer, so the construction cost Will save power cords and transformers.

Industrial-grade switches are closer to industrial network communication in function, such as interconnection with various fieldbuses, equipment redundancy, and equipment real-time, etc.; the difference in performance is mainly reflected in the adaptation to external environmental parameters.

The above information is provided by dc outdoor PoE manufacturer.