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Common Types of Faults in Industrial Switches (Part 2)

Port failure

This is the most common hardware failure, whether it's a fiber port or a twisted pair of RJ-45 ports, be careful when plugging connections. If accidentally put the fiber plug dirty, it may lead to fiber port pollution and normal communication. We often see a lot of people like live plug joints, which is fine in theory, but it also inadvertently increases the failure rate of the ports. Careless handling may also lead to physical port damage. If the size of the purchased crystal head slant is big, when inserting industrial switch, also destroy port easily. In addition, if a section of the twisted pair connected to the port is exposed to the outside, if the cable is struck by lightning, the port of the connected industrial switch can be damaged or more unpredictable damage.

Optical PoE solution: in general, port failure is damage to one or more ports. Therefore, after troubleshooting the computer connected to the port, the port can be replaced to determine whether it is damaged. In case of such failure, the port can be cleaned with an alcohol cotton ball after the power is turned off. If the port is indeed damaged, the port must be replaced.

Optical PoE Solution

Optical PoE Solution

The module failure

Industrial PoEis made up of many modules, such as stack module, governance module (also known as control module), extension module, etc. The chances of these modules failing are small, but if they do, they can cause huge financial losses. Such failures may occur if the plug and unplug modules are not careful, or if they are hit when carrying industrial switches, or if the power supply is unstable.

Of course, the three modules mentioned above have external interfaces, which are easier to identify, and some can be identified by the indicator light on the module. For example a flat trapezoidal port on a stacked module, or a USB-like interface on an industrial switch. There is a CONSOLE port on the governance module, used to establish a connection with the network management computer, convenient governance. If the extension module is an optical fiber connection, there will be a pair of optical fiber interfaces.

When troubleshooting such faults, first ensure that the power supply of industrial switches and modules is normal, then check whether each module is plugged in the correct position, and finally check whether the cables connecting modules are normal. When connecting a governance module, consider whether it USES a specified connection rate, whether it has parity, whether it has data flow control, and other factors. When connecting to an extension module, you need to check whether it matches the communication mode, such as using full-duplex mode or half-duplex mode. Of course, if there is a fault in the confirmation module, the solution is only one, that is, should immediately contact the supplier to replace it.