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Common Types of Faults In Industrial Switches (Part 1)

The industrial Poe manufacturer introduces the common failure types of Industrial switches.

System error

The managed industrial PoE system is a combination of hardware and software. Inside the managed industrial switch is a flushable read-only memory that holds the necessary software systems for the industrial switch. This kind of error is also like the common Windows, Linux, because of the reason of the design at that time, there are some vulnerabilities, in the right conditions, will lead to the management of industrial switches full load, packet loss, wrong packet, and so on. So managed industrial switch systems provide Web, FTP, and other ways to download and update systems. Of course, errors can occur when you upgrade your system.

The back fault

Each module of the industrial switch is plugged into the back panel. If the environment is damp, the circuit board is affected with damp short circuits, or components because of high temperature, lightning, and other factors, and damage will cause circuit board can not work normally. For example, the heat dissipation performance is bad or the ambient temperature is too high to cause the temperature inside the machine to rise, causing the components to burn out.

In the case of normal external power supply, if the internal modules of the industrial switch can not work normally, it may be the back panel is broken, encounter this situation even if the electrical maintenance engineer, I'm afraid there is nothing to do, the only way is to replace the back panel.

A power failure

Because the external power supply is unstable, the power line aging or lightning strike causes the power supply to be damaged or the fan to stop, so as not to work normally. Damage to other parts of the machine due to the power supply can cause problems with the industrial switch.

If the POWER indicator on the industrial switch panel is green, it is normal; If the indicator is off, the industrial switch is not properly powered. This kind of problem is very easy to discover, very easy to solve, at the same time is also the easiest to prevent.

For such faults, the supply of external power should be done well first. Generally, the independent power supply should be provided by introducing independent power lines, and voltage stabilizer should be added to avoid instantaneous high or low voltage phenomenon. If the condition allows, can add UPS(uninterrupted power supply) the normal power supply that assures industrial switch, some UPS provides voltage regulation function, and some do not have, should notice when choosing. Professional lightning protection measures are set up in the machine room to avoid the damage of lightning to industrial switches. There are a lot of professional companies that do lightning protection project now when implementing network cabling, can consider.

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