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6 Advantages of Poe Power Supply

With the rapid development of security networks, digital cameras are becoming more and more popular, and video surveillance projects are increasingly using PoE power supply. China PoE Switch for network camera is widely used in various security monitoring projects. Compared with the traditional power supply method, the PoE power supply has the advantages of safety, energy-saving, intelligence, and convenience, which have captured the hearts of engineering personnel.

The PoE power supply summarized by the power over ethernet suppliers has six major advantages. Let me share with you:

1. Energy saving

When the PoE power supply module is used for a centralized power supply in the network video monitoring system, the power recognition circuit has the function of supporting the power recognition circuit, which wastes electric energy and effectively saves energy. A fixed-function power adapter is used for power supply, which causes a waste of electric energy during the power supply process.

2. Low maintenance cost

The use of PoE power supply is easy to maintain. There is no need to maintain power adapters, power cords, and power sockets. Only one network cable needs to be managed. The traditional power supply maintenance cost is high, and the objects that need to be maintained include power cords, network cables, power sockets, and power adapters.

3. Low power supply difficulty

The use of PoE power supply is very simple. It only needs to provide a centralized power supply to the switch. The power supply range is relatively centralized, easy to manage, and the cost is low. The traditional power supply range is relatively wide, and it must be distributed to each camera.

4. Beautiful installation

The PoE power supply front end is simple to install, and there is no need to deal with the power adapter separately. A waterproof box and other devices that affect the appearance are provided. The traditional power supply method needs to hide the power adapter and the like to affect the appearance.

5. High security

With the PoE power supply, there is no strong power at the front end, and the system is safe. There will be no accidents due to power problems. Especially in places with high safety requirements, the advantages are more obvious. The use of traditional 220V AC power to the front end, dispersed into various monitoring belts, is a hidden danger of accidents.

6. Strong lightning protection performance

PoE products add a network lightning protection module, which can ensure the safety of front-end equipment in thunderstorms. The network cable does not exceed 100 meters, and it is not easy to form electronic components that induce electric potential to damage the camera. The traditional wire power supply method has a power cord, and the power is introduced into the room from the outside. It is easy to bring the induced potential during a thunderstorm into the room, forming a pulse or surge that breaks down the electronic components of the network camera.

To sum up, the china PoE injector for camera has great advantages and makes the whole system more stable.

China Poe Injector For Camera

China Poe Injector For Camera