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What Are the Classifications of Poe Switches?

It is very common to use PoE switches in security projects. PoE power supply technology has become the darling of security monitoring, wireless coverage, and smart grid scenarios due to its simplicity, energy-saving, safety, and reliability. Insecurity monitoring projects, we often use PoE switches to power wireless APs, Internet phones, network cameras, and other devices. So what do you know about the classification of PoE switches? And how do you choose PoE switches? Today, I will give you a brief introduction to these issues.

PoE switch refers to the PoE power supply function in addition to the function of an ordinary switch, which can supply power to network devices such as wireless APs, network cameras, and Internet phones, thereby eliminating cumbersome power wiring. So what are the classifications of PoE switches for wireless APs? The specific categories are as follows:

1. According to the number of PoE ports, PoE switches can be divided into 4-port / 8-port / 16-port / 24-port PoE switches.

2. According to different transmission rates, PoE switches can be divided into 100M PoE switches, Gigabit PoE switches, and 10G PoE switches. 100M PoE switches are generally used in small network environments (such as shopping mall monitoring), and Gigabit PoE switches are generally used In the network environment of small and medium-sized enterprises, 10 Gigabit PoE switches are still relatively rare on the market, and not many are used.

Waterproof Poe Switches

Waterproof Poe Switches

3. PoE switches are divided into managed PoE switches and unmanaged PoE switches according to whether the switch chip has its own microprocessor. In addition to the power supply function, managed PoE switches can also be configured through ports, with some intelligence Functions (such as port priority classification, total power setting, port power distribution, etc.), and unmanaged PoE switches only have power supply functions.

4. PoE switches are classified differently according to different standards: PoE switches are currently classified into three types: IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at, so there are three types of PoE switches: The first is PoE switches that follow the IEEE802.3af standard. The power supply of each type of PoE switch is 15.4W (the actual power supply is 12.95W); the second is a PoE switch that complies with the IEEE 802.3 at standard. The power supply of this type of PoE switch is 30W (the actual power supply is 25.5W) The third type is PoE switch that supports both IEEE802.3af and IEEE 802.3at standards. The power supply of this type of PoE switch can be adaptive.

What are the classifications of PoE switches? The above is the introduction of the four classifications of waterproof PoE switches. I believe that through our introduction, you have a certain understanding of the classification of PoE switches. If you have any questions about PoE switches, please feel free to consult us.