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PoE Switches Have a Wide Range of Applications

"PoE switch" refers to a device that can transmit data for some IP terminal-based devices (such as wireless APs, web cameras, etc.) without changing any existing Ethernet cabling infrastructure, while also achieving power supply functions. It can be understood as a switch that supports Power over Ethernet. Its main function is data transmission and power supply. The POE switch can not only provide the transmission function of the ordinary switch, but also provide the power supply function to the other end of the network cable. The integration of power supply + data transmission does not require an additional power supply module or POE power supply module to supply power to the device, and a Cat.5 cable completes all the work.

PoE Switch

The PoE switch is based on the traditional Ethernet switch, with PoE function added inside, so that the switch not only has the data exchange function, but also can transmit power through the network cable at the same time. The PoE switch solution can not only effectively solve the shortcomings of PoE power supply modules that cannot be managed by the network, but also provide a wealth of functional features, such as power supply priority management, overheating and overload protection, QoS planning, security feature support, etc, while avoiding the built-in PoE function ONU For the problem of insufficient uplink bandwidth, PoE switches usually provide 2*GE uplink ports or even 10 Gigabit uplinks.

With the widespread application of Ethernet, RJ-45 network sockets are currently widely used worldwide, so various PoE devices are compatible. PoE does not need to change the cable structure of the Ethernet circuit to operate, so the PoE system not only saves costs, is easy to wire and install, but also has the ability to power on and off remotely. Industrial-grade switches PoE smart power supply can solve the Internet of Things terminal. The power problem required will play a very important role in the future development of the Internet of Things.

Due to its easy installation, easy management, simplicity, safety, stability, scalability, and old-fashioned principles, PoE technology can be used in home applications, wireless network construction, security protection, building management, retail, entertainment and other fields. Huge application prospects, and promote the development of related fields.

The number of POE switch access devices is affected by the switch standard, the total power supply (number of single switch ports), and the transmission data and power of the access device. You can choose the required POE switch according to the actual situation of the connected equipment.

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