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What Are the Advantages in the Use of Industrial PoE Switches?

Industrial-grade switches, also known as industrial-grade Ethernet switches, are Ethernet switch equipment used in the industrial control field. With the popularity of IP technology in traffic monitoring systems, intelligent networked traffic management systems have emerged, and industrial-grade intelligent PoE switches have also been widely used

PoE only needs to install and support one cable, it is simple and saves space, and the device can be moved at will (simple and convenient).

save costs. Many live devices, such as video surveillance cameras, need to be installed in places where it is difficult to deploy AC power. PoE eliminates the need for expensive power supplies and the time it takes to install power supplies, saving costs, and time.

PoE Switch

Industrial-grade switches have the following superior features:

1. Fast redundancy

Industrial-grade switch products can form a fast redundant network, and use industrial-grade switches to have an ultra-fast self-healing time of fewer than 10 milliseconds.

Commercial products can also form a redundant network, but need to start the STP protocol so that the redundancy time will reach 10~30 seconds, so it cannot be used in an industrial environment.

2. Anti-disturbance-suitable for harsh environments

Industrial-grade switches can work in harsh electromagnetic environments and have high protection levels for data port lightning protection, fast bursts, and static electricity, which are not available in commercial products.

3. Good temperature characteristics & flexibility of installation

Industrial-grade switches have good temperature characteristics, and industrial-grade switches are designed with a wide temperature range. Working temperature: -45~75℃ Storage temperature: -45~85℃, to meet the stable demand under severe weather environment. POE switches have af standards and at standards. At has a higher power supply than af. In general, the at standard is compatible with the af standard, and it is better to support the at standard.

The PoE power supply terminal device will only supply power to the device that needs a power supply. Only when the device that needs power supply is connected, the Ethernet cable will have voltage, thus eliminating the risk of leakage on the line.

The above information is provided by the PoE injector manufacturer.