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Application of POE Switch in Internet of Things

With the rapid development of the Internet, users' demand for communication has gradually extended from traditional low-speed services such as telephone, fax, and telegraph to high-speed Internet access, video phone, video on demand, and other broadband services. The user's demand for Internet speed Also getting higher. The Ethernet PoE power supply switch was also born.

PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology is a method of remotely supplying power to connected network devices (such as Wireless LAN AP, IP Phone, Bluetooth AP, IP Camera, etc.) on a standard Ethernet data cable. Eliminates the problem of installing a separate power supply device on each IP network terminal device, making it unnecessary to deploy a separate power supply system for the device at the site of use, greatly reducing the wiring and management costs of deploying terminal devices, and promoting related fields development of.

The POE switch is based on the traditional Ethernet switch, and the internal POE function is added, so that the switch not only has the data exchange function but also can transmit power through the network cable at the same time. The solution of the POE switch can not only effectively solve the shortcomings of the POE power supply module cannot be managed by the network, but also provide a wealth of functional features, such as power supply priority management, overheat and overload protection, QoS planning, security feature support, etc., while avoiding the built-in POE function ONU For the problem of insufficient uplink bandwidth, POE switches usually provide 2*GE uplink ports or even 10 Gigabit uplinks.

PoE Switch

There are many types of POE switches. According to the AP access rate, it can be divided into 100M POE switches and full Gigabit POE switches. From the network level, it can be divided into Layer 2 POE switches and Layer 3 POE switches, and POE switches are compatible with 802.3af, and 802.at power supply technology is supported. Abundant products and perfect power supply technology can provide strong support for WLAN construction

POE switch provides multiple power supply methods

Ethernet PoE power supply is a revolutionary technology. It provides reliable DC power through the same Category 5/Super 5 twisted pair cable that currently carries Ethernet data, which extends the already powerful functions of Ethernet. POE will change the way the switch supplies power, and network administrators can make the most of the existing switches and deploy a new series of applications.

With the widespread application of Ethernet, RJ-45 network sockets are currently widely used in the world, so various POE devices are compatible. POE does not need to change the cable structure of the Ethernet circuit to operate, so the use of the POE system not only saves costs, is easy to wire and install, but also has the ability to power on and off remotely. POE smart power supply can well solve the needs of IoT terminals. The power supply problem will play a very important role in the future development of the Internet of Things.

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