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The Function and Application Scenario of Industrial-Grade Switches

Industrial-grade switches are switches based on Ethernet to transmit data, and Ethernet uses a local area network that shares a bus-type transmission medium. Industrial-grade switches are closer to industrial network communication in function, such as interconnection with various fieldbuses, equipment redundancy, and equipment real-time, etc.; the difference in performance is mainly reflected in the adaptation to external environmental parameters.

Industrial-grade switches are mainly used for real-time Ethernet data transmission in complex industrial environments. When Ethernet is designed, due to its use of carrier sense multiplexing conflict detection (CSMA/CD mechanism), its reliability is greatly reduced when it is applied in a complex industrial environment, which makes Ethernet unusable. Industrial-grade switches adopt storage conversion and exchange methods, and at the same time increase the Ethernet communication speed, and the built-in intelligent alarm design monitors the network operation status so that the reliable and stable operation of the Ethernet can be guaranteed in the harsh and dangerous industrial environment.

PoE Switch

Industrial-grade switches are the most common and cheaper. Therefore, the application field is very wide, and they can be seen in large and small local area networks. Industrial-grade switches usually have several to dozens of ports. The industrial-grade switch is actually a multi-port Layer 2 network device based on bridge technology. It provides a low-latency and low-overhead path for the forwarding of data frames from one port to another arbitrary port. In addition, its port rate can be different, the working mode can also be different, for example, it can provide 10M, 100M bandwidth, provide half-duplex, full-duplex, adaptive working methods, etc.

The environment of the industrial site is worse than the ordinary environment, at least in terms of vibration, humidity, and temperature. The ordinary switch is not designed to withstand the various situations that occur in the industrial environment, and the ordinary switch cannot be long. Working in this harsh environment often leads to failures and increases maintenance costs. It is generally not recommended to use commercial switches in an industrial environment. In order to enable switches to be used in such harsh environments, the production can adapt to this The reliability of environmental switches and industrial-level switches includes power failure, port interruption, relay output alarm, redundant dual DC power input, active circuit protection, and automatic circuit breaker protection for overvoltage and under-voltage.

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