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What Is the Difference between Industrial Switches and Ordinary Switches?

What is the difference between an industrial switch and an ordinary switch? In fact, in terms of performance, there is not much difference between an industrial switch and an ordinary switch. From the network level, there are two-layer switches and of course three-layer switches. Industrial PoE switches are exquisite in their product design and component selection. They are oriented to the needs of industrial site use. They can still work normally under conditions of harsh mechanical, climate, and electromagnetic environments. It is widely used in industrial production scenarios with harsher conditions.

As the main connection device of the local area network, the switch has become one of the most popular network devices. With the continuous development of switching technology, the price of switches has dropped sharply, and the popularity of switches has further increased.

If you have a large number of users, busy applications, and various servers on your Ethernet network, and you have not made any adjustments to the network structure, then the performance of the entire network may be very low. One of the solutions is to add a 100Mbps/1000Mbps switch to the Ethernet.

Industrial PoE Switch

If the utilization rate of the network exceeds 40%, and the collision rate is greater than 10%, the switch can help you solve a little problem. The switch with 100Mbps Fast Ethernet can operate in full-duplex mode and can establish a dedicated 200Mbps connection.

Industrial switches are Ethernet switches specially used in the field of industrial control. They have high-reliability requirements and require a 24-hour uninterrupted long-term operation. Some automatic control applications require low forwarding delay, some require a redundant power supply, DC24V power supply, and so on. Ordinary switches generally refer to Ethernet switches, commercial (Ethernet) switches, and home (Ethernet) switches. Commercial switches are generally used in corporate office networks and other occasions. They are generally rack-mounted and installed to incorporate computer rooms. They usually require high reliability, 24-hour uninterrupted long-term operation, large bandwidth, and more interfaces.

Not only are the roles of switches in different network environments different, but the effects of adding new switches and adding switching ports of existing switches to the network in the same network environment are also different. Fully understanding and mastering the flow pattern of the network is a very important factor in whether the switch can function. Because the purpose of using the switch is to reduce and filter the data traffic in the network as much as possible, if a certain switch in the network needs to be forwarded almost all the received data packets due to improper installation location, the switch will not be able to optimize the network The effect of performance, on the contrary, reduces the data transmission speed and increases the network delay.

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