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Why Are Industrial Switches More Demanding than Ordinary Switches?

With the gradual maturity of automation and the rise of industrial Ethernet with the large-scale use of industrial Ethernet and the establishment of large-scale industrial control networks, industrial-grade switches are different from ordinary switches. The strength and applicability of industrial-grade switches can meet the requirements of the industrial field in terms of planning and selection of components.

Industrial-grade switch products are mainly to cope with video transmission jams and the effects of complex outdoor environments and temperature and humidity. If the product is designed with large capacity and insufficient bandwidth and insufficient buffering, it will inevitably cause transmission frame loss failure. Traditional data communication equipment is used in the computer room, and the harsh outdoor environment will cause a great interference to the equipment. The wide temperature and lightning protection characteristics of special industrial-grade security switches and the working humidity of 5%-95% ensure that the outdoor communication performance is not affected as much as possible.

Industrial PoE switches are closer to industrial network communication, such as the interconnection of various field buses, equipment redundancy, and the real-time requirements of equipment, which are mainly reflected in the different parameters applicable to the external environment. In addition to the extremely harsh environment, the industrial environment It also requires EMI electromagnetic compatibility, temperature, wet charging, dust prevention, etc., especially temperature has the most extensive impact on industrial network equipment.

Industrial PoE Switch

Industrial-grade switches are generally used in industrial production occasions, usually in various appearances and installation forms. According to different applications, there are requirements for waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and anti-electromagnetic interference. Of course, the reliability requirement is also very high, also to 24 hours of uninterrupted long-term operation.

The traditional big brands of industrial switches are foreign manufacturers, and domestic local brands, after several years of development and growth, several brands with considerable strength have emerged. The biggest advantage of domestic-made industrial-grade switch products is their high-cost performance. This is also in line with the market demand of the security industry, so as the security industry's demand for PoE switches increases, domestic industrial-grade switch manufacturers are growing rapidly. With the current maturity of switch technology, domestic brands of industrial switches will soon become the mainstream of transmission products in the security industry.

The above information is provided by industrial PoE manufacturer.