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The Relationship between Industrial Poe Switch and Security Network Monitoring

As people become more and more security conscious, the installation scale and radiation area of video surveillance are getting larger and larger. The project scope covers the whole city, with tens of thousands of cameras. However, not every place is suitable for the installation of webcams, that is to say, the installation of network video monitoring equipment is restricted by the environment, which to some extent restricts its development.

We know that all devices need electricity to work, and surveillance cameras are no exception. In the traditional monitoring system, the mains power supply or centralized power supply is usually used, but in the network monitoring, these power supply methods are inadequate. Since it is a network monitoring, the network cable is definitely indispensable. If the power supply needs another cable, especially in some inconvenient environment, the construction becomes extremely complicated and troublesome. At this time, the installation site of the camera has to be redeployed, which also loses the significance of monitoring.

How to solve this difficulty? Therefore, PoE technology which can be powered by Ethernet has been widely concerned and valued. Through PoE power supply technology, the electrical signal can be added on the Internet, through the network transmission to the other end to the power supply device, that can be very good solution to network monitoring power supply problem, as long as the power and data via a cable can complete the transfer, not only solves the problem of power supply, and make the project become simple, as long as the network cable to the place, can let get a steady stream of power supply equipment.

In order to improve the power supply of PoE, PoE Switch for network cameras can be promoted rapidly. PoE power supply equipment and industrial PoE switch are commonly used. Among them, industrial PoE switch is the most commonly used.

China Poe Switch For Network Camera

China Poe Switch For Network Camera

The industrial PoE switch is also a kind of switch. The biggest difference between it and the common switch is that it can supply power and not only have the function of transferring data. In other words, the industrial PoE switch can not only transmit data but also supply power, which is also suitable for network monitoring, because the monitoring camera needs a power supply and needs to transmit the collected monitoring data.

With the industrial PoE switch, surveillance cameras can be installed at any optimal point without environmental and power access restrictions. Industrial PoE switches also have the advantages of high performance, simple use, easy management, convenient networking, and low construction cost. Suitable industrial PoE switches are available for monitoring projects of any scale, providing strong support for the development of network monitoring.

Back to the core of this paper, what is the relationship between network monitoring and China Poe switch for network camera? In my opinion, they are two different concepts, but they can promote each other. However, it should be noted that network monitoring can still be carried out without an industrial PoE switch, and the application of industrial PoE switch without network monitoring will be greatly reduced. It can be understood that Industrial PoE Switch is a transmission power supply device for network monitoring.