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How to Design Lightning Protection for Poe Products?

In the practical application of POE power supply systems, there are many powered devices APs or base stations APs and antennas of mobile base stations, which are often installed at high-end points of buildings, so these powered devices have also become a high incidence of lightning strikes. Therefore, for this type of data network center, it is necessary to consider not only the construction of a good direct lightning protection network and a good grounding system but also the protection of lightning induction and lightning wave intrusion. PoE supplier introduces to you:

Induced thunder is when lightning is discharged between thunderclouds and thunderclouds to the ground, electromagnetic induction is generated on nearby outdoor power lines, transmission signal lines, and connection lines between the equipment and invades the equipment, causing serial connection in the middle of the line or damage to the terminal equipment. Lightning wave intrusion refers to lightning waves invading along the transmission line through a direct strike or electromagnetic induction and electrostatic induction. The power receiving equipment AP that hits the high point is harmed by the intrusion of lightning and lightning waves mainly through the electromagnetic coupling or electrostatic induction of the signal line of the PSE power supply connected to the base station main equipment and enters the data terminal equipment or POE power supply system Surge pulse. Therefore, the corresponding multi-level lightning protection circuit must be installed at the signal line interface connecting the power receiving device AP and the power supply device PSE to avoid damage to the base station's main equipment caused by the induced lightning current and lightning wave.

Outdoor PoE Switch

Outdoor PoE Switch

Introduction of POE power supply system

The user terminal of the POE power supply module includes an AC \ DC circuit and a combined circuit; after the AC power of the user terminal is processed by the AC \ DC circuit and the combined circuit, an 8-core network cable is used to transmit power and Ethernet data signals with the source terminal module.

The source end of the POE power supply module includes power separation and Ethernet switch control circuit, Ethernet switch circuit, and power supply intelligent distribution circuit (in a one-for-one system, the source end does not have this circuit); the user's 8-core network cable enters the source end After that, the power signal is separated from the 8-core network cable through the power separation circuit, and the separated power cable is connected to the power distribution circuit, and the Ethernet data signal line after the power separation is connected to the circuit on the Ethernet switch The control signal in the Ethernet switch comes from the separated power supply signal; after the separated power supply is processed by the power supply intelligent distribution circuit, it outputs the corresponding voltage to directly supply power to the ONU.

This solution consists of two parts: POE power supply module user end and POE power supply module source end. The user terminal is connected to AC power, and the intelligent power distribution circuit at the source end supplies power to the ONU directly after processing the power; at the same time, after the Ethernet switch detects the power signal, the Ethernet switch is closed, and the Ethernet signal between the ONU and the user terminal is connected.

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