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What are the functions of PoE spiltter

The PoE injector is a combination of data, signals, and power. The PoE spiltter works just the opposite way, separating the data signals from the power.

If the network camera (IPC), wireless AP, IP phone and other data terminals support PoE power supply, then the wiring does not need to use POE spiltter, direct line power supply can. PoE is mainly used for PoE switches, PoE injector and other PSE devices, but the lower connection devices do not support POE occasions.

The PoE spiltter is compatible with the PSE power supply equipment. It can supply power to wireless devices such as wireless AP, wireless router, IP camera, IP phone and so on in the network environment where the power line is not far from the power supply socket.

We can also supply the Outdoor PoE, industrial PoEetc. Welcome to contact us.

What are the functions of PoE spiltter