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Safe transmission distance of Poe injector

The safe transmission distance of PoE injector is 100 meters. It is recommended to use over five kinds of all copper cable.

The POE IEEE 802.3af standard requires that the output power of the PSE output port be 15.4W or 15.5W, and the acceptance power of the PD device after transmission of 100 meters must be no less than 12.95W.

Standard line is natural to satisfy this requirement, IEEE 802.3af Poe power supply standard itself is measured by standard reticle. POE power supply must use oxygen free copper wire, that is, standard cable.

PoE power supply technology requirements of wire rod high, it is recommended in the monitoring project, do not save the cost of online material, the loss outweighs the gain.

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Safe transmission distance of Poe injector