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How to Troubleshoot When POE Cannot Supply Power?

(1) First, determine whether the receiving equipment supports POE power supply

Not all the equipment supports the POE power supply. We have received one such after-sales service. One customer said that his surveillance cameras were connected to our 8 ports via network cable without power supply. Everything worked fine once the camera was plugged in. Hearing the customer's response, I first asked the customer to check if his camera was powered by a POE. Sure enough, his equipment was not powered by a POE.

(2) Check whether the power of the receiving equipment exceeds the maximum power supplied at the POE switch port

There are two types of port power supply power for POE switches, one is 15.4W, the other is 30W. If a POE switch with 15.4W is used and the power of the receiving device is greater than 15.4W, the power supply will be unstable or unable to be supplied.

PoE Switch

(3) Test whether the power supply exceeds the total power supply of the POE switch under the working state of full load

POE switches have a total power supply in addition to a single port power supply. The total power supply of the eight POE switches in the market is 90W, and the power supply of each port is 15.4w. If the power supply of each port is used to the peak, the 8 ports are 8×15.4=123.2W. This will exceed the total power of this switch, power supply problems will naturally occur. Therefore, there should be proper collocation when using POE switches. Power-receiving equipment with high power should be matched with power-receiving equipment with low power.

POE power supply stability

From the perspective of technology, PoE has developed for many years and is now at a very mature stage. However, due to the cost pressure in the current monitoring market, the quality of the PoE switches or wires selected is too poor, or the scheme design itself is unreasonable, resulting in the heavy maintenance workload of projects using PoE power supply. Therefore, the view of PoE power supply instability is widely held by the engineering companies.

The network monitoring project, different from the general network-integrated wiring, has very large data transmission volume, high power, and requires 24/7 uninterrupted work. PoE equipment and wires with guaranteed quality are the guarantees of the stability of the whole system.

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