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The principle that the PoE is powered by cables

Power over Ethernet is also known as the power supply system based on LAN, is sometimes referred to as Ethernet, this is the use of existing standard Ethernet transmission cable and the new standard of data transmission and electric power standard, and keep up with the existing Ethernet system and user compatibility.

The standard five - class cable has four pairs of twisted pairs, but only two of them are used in l0M, BASE-T, and 100M BASE-T. IEEE80 2.3af allows two uses, the application of idle feet power supply, 4 and 5 feet connected to the positive electrode, 7 and 8 feet connected to negative.

When the data pin is powered, the DC power is added to the midpoint of the transmission transformer, which does not affect the transmission of data.

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The principle that the PoE is powered by cables