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Introduction of boost type Poe injector

According to market research, some scenarios require a step-up PoE injector. The scene is a typical solar power system, through the photoelectric conversion, DC electric solar panels can produce 12VDC or 24VDC, usually after the treatment, the power stored in the battery, if the use of PoE power supply system, is facing the problem of rising 12V/24V to 48V.

Our Poe injector is a single port, mid span, industrial, DC input PoE power supply. Built in standard at chip, in line with the IEEE802.3at standard, to provide electric equipment 48VDC power output for remote PD, output power is 30W, the back slot, can be clamped on the guide rail, support network bandwidth is 10/100/1000M.

To support the IEEE802.3af/at standard of power terminals, wireless AP, network cameras, VoIP phones and other equipment power supply.

We can also supply the high quality power over ethernetoutdoor PoE etc. Welcome to contact us.

Power over Ethernet refers to the existing Ethernet twisted pair cabling infrastructure does not make any changes in the situation, for some IP based terminal (such as IP telephone, wireless LAN access point AP, such as network cameras) data signal transmission. At the same time, it can also provide DC power supply technology for such equipment.  The standard five wire network carries four pairs of twisted pair data, but common network cameras use only two of them in l0M, BASE-T, and 100M BASE-T. IEEE802.3af allows two uses, the application of idle feet power supply, 4 and 5 feet connected to the positive electrode, 7 and 8 feet connected to negative. When the data pin is powered, the DC power is added to the midpoint of the transmission transformer, which does not affect the transmission of data.  We can also supply the outdoor poe switch, poe injector etc. Welcome to contact us.