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The Development History of Poe Technology in 2019 and the Future Development Trend of Poe Switches (Part 2)

Application Advantages of poe switch

At present, network cameras can be divided into two types according to the interface: one is a module with a PoE interface, and the other is a module without a PoE interface. The former can use a PoE switch directly, and the latter can use a splitter at the terminal to divide the network cable of the PoE switch into signals and voltages, which are used indirectly on the camera, which solves the problem of transmission and power supply. Time and labor savings.

Peace of mind: adopts international standard PoE DC intelligent identification power supply, no hidden danger of electric shock, and no camera is burned.

Save money: no need to deploy AC power, save power lines, power strips and other materials, saving labor.

Time-saving: Data and power supply are completed by laying a network cable, and the construction is simple and fast.

Save trouble: Weak current wiring is easy to pass consumer inspection; Kedi stable PoE switch has experienced eight years of research and development accumulation and market test, product stability, no worries.

The high-end PoE switch supports the IEEE 802.3af / at standard, and can automatically detect and identify devices that comply with the IEEE 802.3af / at standard and supply power to them. Its compact structure supports plug-and-play and requires no configuration. It has the advantages of good heat dissipation and can be installed on the ceiling or high wall to help users easily build a POE power supply network system and provide safe and reliable power and data transmission.

Outdoor PoE Switch

Outdoor PoE Switch

Third, the development trend of PoE switches

The PoE supplier believes that PoE technology is widely used in home applications, wireless network construction, security protection, and building management due to its easy installation, easy management, simplicity, security, stability, scalability, and profitability principles. , RFID, and other fields have huge application prospects. The future technology development trend: the greater the power supply, the more terminal equipment will be supported.

In addition, with a wide range of applications, increasing demand, and expanding market share, PoE switches will definitely become the mainstream of access layer switches. Because the network cable is used for power supply, the load range of the current will be limited by the load capacity of the network cable. Therefore, it can be judged that the PoE switch will be mainly used in the field of low power and network communication in the future.

In general, every technological change in POE switches will bring huge changes to the industry and also bring huge market opportunities.

Nowadays, PoE technology has been widely used in security monitoring and other industries. PoE switches based on PoE technology are even more popular. It is believed that PoE technology will get greater development and breakthrough in the near future. Prefer higher power to provide safe and stable power for more IP devices.