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You must know the application of the PoE spiltter

The PoE spiltter is opposed to the PoE injector to separate data signals from power supplies.

The PoE injector is the data signal and power together, if the network camera (IPC), AP, IP and other wireless telephone data terminal supports PoE power supply, without the use of PoE spiltter wiring, power cable can be directly.

PoE spiltter is mainly used for PoE switches, PoE power supply and other PSE devices, but the lower end of the device is not connected to support PoE occasions. The PoE spiltter separates the power source into data signals and power. There are two output lines. One is the power output line, the other is the network data signal output line, which is the common network cable.

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You must know the application of the PoE spiltter