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Working process of poe injector

In our life and work, there are a lot of places to apply to poe injector, the following understanding of it work process:

1,Detection. The start of the need to connect to a 802.3af IEEE standard supported by the power of the terminal equipment.

2,PD end equipment classification. After the PD is detected by the electrical terminal device, the device may be classified as a PD device, and the power loss required for the PD device is evaluated.

3,start power supply. In a configurable time (usually less than 15 s) within the start period, starting from the low voltage to the PD device.

4,power supply. To provide a stable and reliable DC power supply for PD equipment to meet the power consumption of PD equipment.

5,power off.If the PD device is disconnected from the network, the poe stops supplying power to the PD device.

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Working process of poe injector