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POE Switch Technical Knowledge

A typical Power over Ethernet supply system retains POE switch equipment in the wiring closet and uses a power supply hub (Midspan HUB) to provide power to the twisted pair of the local area network. At the end of the twisted pair, the power supply is used to drive telephones, wireless access points, cameras, and other devices. To avoid power outage, a UPS can be used.

It can supply power to PoE terminal devices such as wireless APs, webcams, Internet phones, PDAs, etc. through the network cable, with a transmission distance of up to 100m, simple installation, plug, and play. It is very suitable for a wireless city, security monitoring, and other industries.

POE Switch

The origin of POE

POE (Power Over Ethernet) refers to some IP-based terminals (such as IP phones, wireless LAN access point APs, network cameras, etc.) without any changes to the existing Ethernet Cat.5 cabling infrastructure. While transmitting data signals, it can also provide DC power supply technology for such devices. POE is also known as a local area network-based power supply system (POL, Power over LAN) or Active Ethernet (ActiveEthernet), sometimes also referred to as Power over Ethernet, which uses existing standard Ethernet transmission cables to simultaneously transmit data and electrical power The latest standard specifications, and maintains compatibility with existing Ethernet systems and users.

Two power supply schemes for POE-The POE standard defines two methods for transmitting DC power to POE-compatible devices using Ethernet transmission cables:

One is called "Mid-Span", which uses idle pairs that are not used in the Ethernet cable to transmit DC power (that is, 1236 line sequence data, 4578 line sequence power), corresponding EndpointPSE support POE-enabled Ethernet switches, routers, hubs, or other network switching equipment.

Another method is the "End-Span", which is to transmit DC power simultaneously on the core wire used to transmit data, and its transmission uses a different frequency from the Ethernet data signal (that is, the 1236 line sequence simultaneously takes the data and electricity). MidspanPSE is a specialized power management device, usually placed with a switch. It corresponds to two RJ45 jacks for each port, one is connected to the switch with a short wire, and the other is connected to the remote device. It is foreseeable that End-Span will be promoted quickly. This is because Ethernet data and power transmission use common wire pairs, thus eliminating the need to set up special lines for independent transmission. This is for only 8-core cables and matching standard RJ -45 socket is of great significance.

The above information is provided by the PoE switch supplier.