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Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Poe Switches

PoE power supply mode is widely used in monitoring and wireless coverage because it is more convenient, but anything has two sides since there are advantages and disadvantages. The same is true for PoE switches. Although PoE switches have many advantages, there are definitely some deficiencies. Today, PoE Injector manufacturer to make a summary, for everyone to share: the advantages and disadvantages of PoE switch analysis.

1. Advantages of PoE Switch

1. From a technical point of view, it has a certain degree of advancement. Using only one network cable can simultaneously transmit data and power supply, which is more advanced than using multiple lines.

2. From an investment perspective, due to the convenience of wiring, no additional power wiring is required, and in medium and large-scale monitoring systems, the construction investment cost can be great.

3. From an engineering perspective, fewer construction personnel can be hired, less wire and the like can be purchased, which reduces labor and material costs, shortens the project duration, and simplifies post-maintenance difficulty.

4. In terms of safety, since there is no direct strong electric power supply and strong electric circuit, the safety of use is improved.

2. Disadvantages of PoE switches

1. The price of PoE switches is higher than that of ordinary switches, and the initial investment is slightly higher.

2. PoE power transmission cannot exceed 100 meters. Otherwise, PoE extenders or other power supply methods should be used.

3. The maximum power of a single port of PoE power supply cannot exceed 30W. If the power of the device exceeds 30W, the PoE power supply cannot be used.

 Poe Switch

Poe Switch

The above is the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of POE switches. The advantages of POE switch power supply simplifies wiring, saves labor costs, is safe and convenient, and is convenient for remote management. However, it may also have shortcomings such as insufficient power, the impossibility of receiving power, excessive concentration of risks, high equipment and maintenance costs. I hope that everyone can analyze and apply it in the actual situation.

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