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Seven common problems with POE power supply(below)

Fourth, POE power supply stable?

In actual construction and application, there will still be cases where the POE switch cannot supply power or the power supply is unstable. Is the POE power supply really stable?

In fact, POE technology has developed for many years and is currently in a very mature stage. Standard POE injector is stable and safe enough. In most cases, the quality of non-standard POE switches or cables is too low, or the design of the solution is unreasonable, the power supply distance is not arranged, or too many high-power devices are connected. Time). Therefore, in the actual deployment, it is necessary to investigate the external reasons first when the power supply is unstable.

Fifth, is it better that the power of the POE power supply switch is better?

Due to the emergence of high-power domes, real-time video phones and other high-power devices, network equipment manufacturers are rushing to develop POE switches with higher total power. However, many products only seek to increase the total power, ignoring the relationship between power and the number of ports. When the power is large, the overall cost of the device will inevitably increase. As a result, the POE switch selected by the user is not practical and the cost performance is low.

Therefore, in actual deployment, determine the power and quantity of PD devices according to the steps in question 1, and select the most suitable POE switch.

Sixth, POE power supply distance can only be 100 meters?

It is possible to transmit DC power using standard Ethernet cables, so why is the transmission distance limited to 100 meters?

The fact is that the maximum transmission distance of a POE switch mainly depends on the data transmission distance. When the transmission distance exceeds 100 meters, data delay and packet loss may occur. Therefore, the transmission distance in the actual construction process is preferably not more than 100 meters. Many POE switches advertise that they can transmit 250 meters, in fact, they can transmit 250 meters. Optical listening is not acceptable. We need to see whether their industrial POE technology uses high-power design, and whether POE power chips use imported high-quality industrial-grade chips. Whether the management module can intelligently and automatically recognize the IEEE802.3af / at standard, whether it has automatic power adjustment, and whether it adopts 8-core intelligent power supply technology and other corresponding technologies at the same time.

The distance of the power supply, apart from the quality of the POE itself, has the biggest relationship with the network cable. Some customers use some cheap and poor quality network cables to use it. For a long time, a good network cable turned out to solve the problem immediately.

In addition, the longer the distance, the greater the resistance, the higher the requirements on the network cable, the greater the probability of problems, so in order to reduce the occurrence of faults, it is recommended to be within 100 meters.

Industrial POE Switch

Industrial POE Switch

Seventh, the basic judgment of the authenticity of the network cable

There are many people who can’t distinguish whether the network cable is a regular one or not. There are too many fake network cables on the market. Several ways to determine the authenticity of the network cable are for reference only:

a. The standard national standard network cable, the resistance value of the distance of 10 meters to 100 meters is less than 10 ohms, this multimeter can directly measure, when greater than 10 ohms, such as the resistance value reached 30 ohms, then this network cable must be false;

b. A formal national standard network cable, a box is about 305 meters, the market price is about 450-500 yuan (the import price will be higher), familiar friends may also buy 430 yuan, but if it is lower than this price, basically fake.

c. The regular national standard network cables are pure copper or oxygen-free copper. What other materials are copper-clad iron, copper-clad aluminum, etc. are fakes.