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How Can Poe Switch Be Used Securely and Securely?

With the continuous development of PoE technology, PoE switch is currently in a very mature stage, but due to the current monitoring market due to cost pressure, the quality of PoE switch or wire used is too inferior, or the scheme design itself is unreasonable It will lead to a very large workload for the project using PoE power supply, and the network monitoring project is different from the ordinary network-integrated wiring. The data transmission volume is large, the power is high, and it requires 24/7 uninterrupted work, so PoE power supply is unstable View, but is POE power supply really unstable?  Industrial PoE manufacturers will introduce you in detail.

Poe Switch For Base Stations

Poe Switch For Base Stations

How to ensure the stable connection of PoE Switch for base stations?

①Use standard PoE switch. Non-standard PoE switches do not have IEEE802.3af or IEEE802.3at protocols, regardless of whether the terminal equipment supports PoE power supply, forcing the 48V output power supply will damage the terminal equipment. Therefore, using standard PoE switches to connect is the first step to ensure the stable operation of the network system.

②Use qualified network jumpers. Avoid buying non-standard network jumpers of unqualified quality. Because they are not produced in strict accordance with the requirements of standard network cables, copper-clad steel/aluminum/iron, and other phenomena may occur. Therefore, the resistance of the network cable will be large, which is not suitable for the PoE power supply.

③ Determine the power consumption required by the terminal equipment. PoE switches use different standards, and the output power will also be different. For example, IEEE802.3af standard POE switches can provide power for devices with a maximum power consumption of no more than 15.4W; PoE switches that follow the IEEE802.3at standard can provide maximum power consumption. Power supply for devices over 30W. According to the transmission distance and the loss of materials, the maximum power consumption can be lower.

④ Clarify the number of terminal equipment. Under the IEEE802.3af standard, if the total PoE power of a 24-port PoE switch reaches 370W, then it can supply 24 ports (370 / 15.4 = 24), but if it is a single port according to the IEEE802.3at standard, the maximum The power supply is calculated at 30W, and at the same time, it can only supply power to 12 ports at most (370/30 = 12).

⑤ Determine the transmission distance. The power supply distance of the PoE switch is determined by the transmission distance of the data signal. When the transmission rate is 100 Mbps, the maximum distance that the data signal can transmit is 100 m. Therefore, judging the transmission distance based on the transmission rate is one of the factors to ensure that the PoE switch can connect stably.

⑥ With IETF RFC2544 standard. The standard can provide a service interruption benchmark test method to test the performance of network interconnection equipment throughput, back-to-back frames, packet loss rate, and delay, and monitor the stable connection of PoE switches.

The security advantages of PoE switches?

①PoE switches can solve the problems of circuit short circuit, excessive overload, voltage change, etc., and can provide good power supply protection.

②The standard PoE switch will provide a low voltage detection terminal device before supporting power. If not, it will not supply power. If it does, it will gradually increase the voltage to complete the power supply. run.

③PoE switches can improve the availability of critical business applications, provide advanced device-level security, protect sensitive information, optimize network bandwidth, and provide a reliable infrastructure for users' business networks.

PoE switch connection scheme

A complete PoE switch system includes two parts: power supply equipment (PSE, Power Sourcing Equipment) and power receiving equipment (PD, PowerDevice). The PoE switch is a type of PSE device. The PSE device is a device that supplies power to the Ethernet client device and is also the manager of the entire PoE Ethernet power supply process. The PD device is the PSE load that receives power, that is, the client of the PoE system.

In summary, PoE switches can ensure the security of the network. If you want to ensure a stable connection for PoE switches, you need to consider some of the above factors.