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Advantages of Poe in Security Applications

Simply put, custom PoE switch power supply has the following advantages:

POE only needs to install and support one cable, which is simple and space-saving, and the equipment can be moved freely;

Save costs. Many live devices, such as video surveillance cameras, need to be installed in places where AC power is difficult to deploy. PoE switches eliminate the need for expensive power supplies and the time it takes to install them, saving costs and time; 

Like data transmission, POE can monitor and control the device by using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP);

The POE power supply equipment will only supply power to the equipment that needs to be powered. Only when the equipment that needs to be powered is connected, the Ethernet cable will have voltage, thus eliminating the risk of leakage on the line;

Poe Switch

Poe Switch

A single UPS can provide power for all related equipment in the event of a power failure;

Users can automatically and securely mix original equipment and POE equipment on the network, and these equipment can coexist with existing Ethernet cables;

Make network equipment easy to manage, when remote equipment is connected to the network, it can be remotely controlled, reconfigured or reset;

In wireless local area networks, POE can simplify RF testing tasks, and access points can be easily moved and accessed.

Back to the security field, POE modular products mainly have three advantages: simplified wiring, energy saving, flexibility, safety and convenience.

First, in addition to providing universal power supply support for connected devices, the POE module reduces the total deployment cost of integrating power-on devices into a unified IP infrastructure. The POE module eliminates the need to install wall power connections for terminal equipment, thereby reducing the cost of power outlets associated with supporting terminal equipment.

Second, installing network-connected equipment in locations where local AC power is difficult to deploy provides greater flexibility. The POE power receiving module has the function of supporting a power identification circuit. When using a UPS to supply power, the advantages of energy saving are more obvious.

Third, when an intruder drags an object, it can prevent the surveillance camera from working due to a short circuit. The uninterruptible power system (UPS) using PoE technology is much safer. Once a large-scale power failure occurs, Can guarantee a long time security protection. During the wiring process, interference between signals can be reduced. In addition to cameras, the market for access control systems, radio frequency identification and tracking (RFID), biometrics, fire detectors, and other security devices is constantly expanding thanks to PoE technology. Many access control equipment providers are now offering various PoE-based identifiers, controllers, and quick-response locks.